Bring Your Porch Ideas to Life in Atlanta

A porch sometimes seems like an afterthought. After all, there are many other important features that make a home or property exceptionally comfortable and livable. A screened-in porch can add a level of comfort and versatility that few other additions can.

In climates that change frequently, the outside world can sometimes be less livable—especially during summer months when the air is nice but the bugs are in full force. A screened in porch can be the perfect solution, allowing you to enjoy the outside world without dealing with pesky bugs.

The porch design and construction experts at Exterior Design + Decks can help turn your dreams of screen porch into a reality. Call us today for a free consultation and to start the process of designing, planning, and building your new porch.

We can help design and build a new porch

Whether you’re looking to add a porch while building a new home or considering porch plans for an existing home, our input can be the key part of the process. We can look at the existing home or plans for the new house and draw up designs for front and back porch ideas that are:

  • Structurally feasible
  • Aligned with your style and budget

Because porch designs often seem simple, companies typically don’t spend enough time on it. That leads to porch ideas that just won’t work, or won’t fit with the structure. The expert team here at Exterior Design + Decks has seen this too many times to count. It takes an experienced eye to create custom front and back porch designs that meet your needs and budget, as well as structural demands.

Here’s our guarantee when it comes to porches: The porch designs and plans you’ll get from us can turn what were once your abstract ideas into a reality that not only expands your living space, but also enhances the comfort of your home.

Expert Atlanta porch design

Porches serve many purposes, and our customers frequently have different needs according to their property. A front porch can enhance the entryway to your home, and give guests and neighbors a shelter when they stop by for a visit. A back porch can create a second-to-none living space for you, your family, and pets.

We aim to provide customized service to all our customers so they are 100% satisfied with our work. A screened porch provides the following benefits:

  • Protection from bugs and outside debris
  • Protection from weather elements
  • Increased home or property value
  • Upgraded home aesthetic
  • Enhanced outdoor experience

A porch is a flexible tool that allows people to enjoy the outside parts of their home or property differently and it adds a new level of comfort and luxury. Our design team is deeply experienced with a wide variety of color schemes, materials, porch styles, and finishes.

We love starting projects from step one with our customers because we want to help our customer’s visions come to life. Working closely with you allows this process to take shape, and a happy customer is a customer for life. We look forward to helping you build your next back or front porch today.

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